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Our guarantee of quality - best materials and modern handling processes:

Do you need hook and loop fastener systems - made for frequent opening and closing from any position, with a strong hold, repositionable and light, for sewing on, self-adhesive or HF-weldable?
This is our product world, developed and manufactured off the shelf or individually for your special needs.

Always with the greatest care, made of the best materials and with optimized work processes.


As a service we offer:

Foil welding
  • Ultrasonic and high-frequency welding of textiles, also in continuous process 
  • Cutting with CNC cutter according to dxf or dwg file template, process reliability due to fully automatic sequence
  • Punching, printing, roll cutting and cutting to length with millimeter precision
  • Hot melt coating with hot melt adhesives that can be activated thermally or by high frequency 
  • Powder coating of textiles with reactivatable PA and PES adhesives to aid manufacture
  • Sewing
  • The lamination of technical textiles such as woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and foams
  • Packaging and shipping - also directly in your name to your end customers